What is Private WAN?

Private Wide Area Networking (PWANs) provides businesses with a private network either across the country or globally.

It operates as a private network across all sites with its own internal IP subnet, providing absolute security without the necessity of VPN tunnels. It can connect across local Australian network or global networks via Layer-2 or a VPN.

The PWAN has been designed to work with your existing connectivity whether it is DSL, Ethernet or Fibre.

How Private WAN Works

A PWAN turns Internet connections into true private circuits; we do this by building a dedicated private core network for each client. The whole network is protected by its own dedicated firewalls which the client can customise to their specific requirements offering a controllable break-out point for Internet access for the network.

Wide Area Network (WAN) Technology

By utilising our datacentre infrastructure, businesses are able to build a unique, scalable private network to be a true extension of their local area network. Altitude IT tailors the solution to meet each individual requirement to ensure reliability, security and ease of use.