Dedicated Server features

Solid state drives

Enable line of business applications and databases to run quickly and reliably with our SSD Dedicated Servers. All of our servers combine large quotas of RAM, SSDs and traditional HDDs to create the perfect blend of performance, speed and storage space.

1Gb/s bandwidth

Avoid connection bottle necks with our 1Gb/s connection. Ideal for bandwidth-heavy applications or multiple, high-traffic sites that operate on the same server.

Remote Desktop and SSH

RDC provides access to your server's desktop direct from your own PC and is available on Windows Dedicated Servers, with client software available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. SSH gives you direct command line login for Linux Dedicated Servers from your PC or smartphone, anywhere in the world. Through SSH tunneling, you can set up virtual private networking and remote desktop server control.

Reports to improve performance

You can also include automated emails, graphical reporting, and SMS alerts, updating you whenever a monitoring threshold is breached. This allows you to take action before it impacts performance.